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Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel
October 25th, 2017
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THE PITCH contest is celebrating its sixth year as the top start up contest in the high tech industry. We are searching for the next generation of leading high-tech companies in Israel.

THE PITCH provides young entrepreneurs at their starting point, a platform to convey a clear and crystalized message at the right place, at the right time, in front of the right audience. The contenders will have a chance to come face-to-face with CEOs and executives from the local and global high-tech and venture capital industries.

The final stage of the contest will take place at EY’s annual JOURNEY conference, on October 25 2017, at the Hilton Tel-Aviv Hotel.
To the JOURNEY 2017 website click here.

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Who can apply for the contest?

 Startup companies operating in various fields: IT, Mobile, Social, E-commerce, Healthcare etc. (not including     
     Cleantech and Medical Devices).

 Seed / Early Stage companies.
 A company which has been operating for no longer than three years.
 A company which has raised a maximum of $2M from private investors, incubators and accelerators and is not 
    VC backed.

 A company with a maximum revenue of $2M.

Finalists’ benefits

 Exposure to a large audience comprised of key players in the high-tech and venture capital industries in Israel, 
     both at the semifinals and finals event.  
 Opportunity for arranged “one on one” meetings with the judges and potential investors, throughout the day of the 
     JOURNEY conference.
 Attend an exclusive "by invitation only" gala cocktail reception on the evening prior to the JOURNEY conference.
 Presentation skills workshops designed and conducted by Barry Katz Ltd.
 "One on one" mentoring sessions with leading VCs principals.
 Personal guidance by IBM senior mentors; Screening sessions with IBM Startup Ecosystem Unit with selected
     startups, exploring technology and business fit for future partnership with IBM. Access to IBM programs for startups.
 ESOP – EXCELLENCE provides trust and administration services to companies equity based plans (ESOP) in 
     accordance with the tax requirements. The 24 companies who will be elected will be entitled to 30% discount of the 
     rates to the first trust year (worth of ~300 USD). The 7 elected companies will be entitled to one year complimentary 
     trust service (worth of ~1,000 USD). The discounts will be available until 30.6.2018.
 Our 24 semi-finals companies will receive the opportunity to work with, and get advice from Cornell Tech MBA 
     students about one of the challenges they face. Each of the startups will be assigned to a team of two students for 2.5 
     months starting mid October 2017. Other than consulting the startup, the team will provide access to their NYC 
     mentor typically a VC. To learn more about Cornell Tech's iTrek Israel program click here.
 Attend the opening bell ceremony, as guests of honor, at Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange on the week prior to the JOURNEY conference. 

Contest stages (participation in all stages specified below is mandatory)


1. Screening stage: 4.6-15.7.2017

Applications, presentations and executive summaries will be assessed by our special screening committee headed by EY Israel, IBM, ESOP, Pitango, Poalim Hi-Tech and Amnon Gur.
The committee will select 21 companies which will move on to the semi-final stage. Their selections will be based on the following criteria:

 Genuine innovation
 Added value
 Wide market potential
 Focus and clarity
 Entrepreneur teams
 Actual solution for the “smart world” strategy

2. End of application process: 15.7.2017

Preparation for the semi-finals:
As part of the preparation for the semi-final stage, companies will enjoy professional assistance and guidance.
Companies representative's will take part in two presentation's skills workshops designed and conducted by Barry Katz Ltd. to help them create and present the perfect PITCH. Companies participation is mandatory in both sessions. In addition, they will take part in "one on one" mentoring sessions with leading VCs principals. They will also benefit from important startup tips.

3. 1st professional workshop for the perfect PITCH: 25.7.2017

4. Professional guidance meetings with VC Mentors: 25.7- 4.9.2017 (minimum of two meetings is required)

5. 2nd professional workshop for the perfect PITCH and general rehearsal: 5.9.2017

6. Semi-final stage: 13.9.2017
Companies will present their pitch to a panel of judges comprised of leaders from the high-tech and venture capital industries in Israel, local & global investors and many others. After each presentation, they will rate each of the semifinalists by using a unique application developed especially for the contest.
Companies will receive professional feedback on various matters and will have an opportunity to ask questions and form business relationships.

Preparation for the finals:

7. One-on-one professional guidance meetings for the 8 finalists : 15-17.10.17

8. Opening bell ceremony at Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange for the 8 finalists: 18.10.17

9. Final rehearsal and JOURNEY cocktail: 24.10.17 

10. The finals: 25.10.17
The final stage will take place at the JOURNEY conference on October 25 2017, at the Hilton Tel-Aviv Hotel. To the JOURNEY 2017 website click here.
Each company will present their pitch to the audience via advanced audio and video technologies. After each presentation, four renowned judges sitting on stage and the audience will rate each of the finalists by using the same unique application developed especially for the contest. In the end all votes will be counted and the winner, with the highest number of votes, will be announced.

Click here to view terms & conditions.


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Take a look at what THE PITCH is all about:

Professional guidance

Our PITCH preparation process allows our semi-finalists to take part in unique presentation workshops and one-on-one meetings with industry leaders. Our goal is to help them prepare for the semifinal event which includes a live presentation in front of an audience of investors and c-level professionals from the industry. Those selected will then receive additional workshops and personal guidance in preparation for their "PITCH perfect" moment at the finals in October.

The guidance process will be led by Barry Katz Ltd. The company was founded in 2001, and its team of experienced trainers has been selected for the third consecutive year to support the presenters in designing and delivering their best pitch. The trainers selected to work on "The pitch" are seasoned experts who have coached thousands of presenters, entrepreneurs and keynote speakers in global environments, competitions and roadshows. They focus is placed on helping presenters identify and clarify a concise, clear message and then deliver it in a powerful and compelling style.

The Barry Katz team believe that NO ONE WILL RECOGNIZE A GOOD IDEA UNLESS IT IS WELL PRESENTED. Great ideas do not sell themselves. The presenter has to pitch an idea in a way that instantly grabs and keeps audiences attention. This can be best achieved with an authentic and unique style, with a simple easy to understand, clear and credible value statement.

"It’s All about People" is Barry Katz Ltd's motto because they believe it’s people who make an organization fail or succeed. Their mission is their passion, to help people communicate their ideas, knowledge and feelings better so they get better results. 

Barry Katz believes the objective of communication is to create a shared understanding between speaker and listener. Successful communication is a solid foundation for any and every relationship.
Barry has over 30,000 hours of teaching, speaking and listening to thousands of people all over the world, including coaching TED and TEDx speakers, working with CEO’s and senior managers in some of the biggest global companies. After 23 years of coaching and training he is still fascinated with every new opportunity to help people communicate.

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